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spank the monkey

give or take a few days here and there, 5tolife is pretty much a daily photo blog.  it’s been that way for like, almost a year already i think?

now as much as i’d like people to think that i wake up every morning and find a picture, crop it, and write an entry for it, it really doesn’t work that way.  about twice a month, i compile a list of images, crop them, upload them, and write a bunch of comments.  for some people, finding words for every photo might be easy.  not for me. my excuse is that i’m a photographer, not a writer.  well anyway, recently someone mentioned that they thought that me talking about my photos being “rad” was a trifle mastubatory.  oh my god, really?  i read through my old posts, and yeah sometimes they totally seem like i’m overly hyped on my own shit.

really i promise i’m not.  when i don’t have anything better to say about a picture i kind of revert to this bland, generic sort of commentary about the photo and how it was made.  honestly i’m not a writer, and not as clever as i wish i were.

it wasn’t meant to be masturbatory.  although whether you want to admit it or not, i know you all do it you dirty bastards.  hey we all choke the chicken, spank the monkey, or flog the dolphin don’t we?

oh snap!  speaking of which, here’s a picture of a pod of dolphins on lanai.  none of which are being flogged at the moment

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